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Why Branding Matters

In today’s world, branding is about so much more than just your product. Your customer wants to fall in love with you and the story behind it. Let’s work together to create visuals that show off exactly who you are and consistently tells your story.


starting from scratch

Creating Visuals

Product imagery is more important than ever. Let's collaborate on creating something magical that brings your product to life and shares they why behind what you do. We can both style and photograph your product for imagery your audience won't be able to resist.


expanding your brand

Designed Content

Every brand needs a dynamic visual identity to stand out above the competition, both when you first begin and as you continue to grow. We can design a visual identity as well as ongoing content that reflects your brand to grow alongside your business.


behind the scenes

Our Process

We couldn’t be more honored to work with some of the most amazing clients, and go into every project excited to partner together on making something great. Our process is very collaborative so that your story and product can always be at the forefront of the creation process. Our design expertise combined with your story will result in an unforgettable brand. 


step one:

Discovery Meeting

Before we begin, it's essential that we meet one-on-one to talk about who you are, what your product is, and the story you'd like to tell.  


step two:

Industry Research

After initial discovery of the project goal, we start collecting physical and digital research to narrow in on possible outcomes.


step three:

Creation Process

Once we have a clear vision, the creation process begins! We'll bring all the design elements together for various concepts to review.


step four:

Final Result

With some fine tuning, your finished project is complete. All files will be sent over so you can share your story with the world.

Ashton absolutely nailed the mood I was looking to incorporate into building my business. With business always changing, I’ve been able to keep up with the well-rounded package of branding tools Ashton created.
— rachel lyn durga

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