Meet Ashton

So, this is me.

I am a freelance designer and creative stylist who's passionate about community and creativity. A year ago, I started a new community for makers of the Midwest called Makewell, and absolutely love it.

As a creative, I find myself constantly surrounded by ideas that I want to see come to life.  I live at the intersection of creativity and community, so finding ways to help other makers and small businesses succeed is where my thoughts often wonder to. We all have a craft we love and a story behind it,  so through visual communication I get to come alongside you and see you achieve your goals.

It is pretty typical to find me with my husband and dog, tea in hand, watching the Office or off on some adventure. I find myself outside whenever possible, and will forever chase the beautiful bliss of golden hour. I’m inspired by life experiences, my faith, the people around me, and the lovely creations of other creatives.

I am a midwest lady, but the world is my home. My strength finder skills are responsibility, faith, relator, discipline, and strategic. I also have an INFJ personality type. Interested in talking more? Let's meet for real.

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