Creative Inspiration From 2017

This year I turn 25, and somehow the age 25 seems to carry more weight than the others... but as I look back at this last year, at this quarter of my life, I feel more appreciative and grateful for the makers around me than ever before. 

This year you all made my dream come to life. For a long time now, I've looked up to so many of you and after some ideation and a team of dedicated individuals, we made it happen. Makewell happened. We finally gathered as makers and creatives from all various industries under one roof to celebrate and support one another. Amazing.

So with that, if I'm being honest most of my daily creative inspiration this year came from local makers here in North Dakota. While often overlooked as a small community, North Dakota has some crazy talent and amazingly hardworking makers that are crushin' it.

So here's to all of you. Enjoy and cheers to a new year!

Inspirational People:

Natalie Franke
Natalie was a wedding photographer that I looked up to the past few years, and now she's leading up the community team at Honeybook and creating even more helpful content for all types of makers and creatives. She founded the Rising Tide Society which is also highly recommended!

Tad Carpenter
Whether you're in for some lovely design projects or wanting a quick laugh, Tad's twitter feed is a must-follow as a designer. He runs a design studio with his wife, Jessica, called Carpenter Collective.

Ari Woeste
I attended University of Northwestern a few years behind Ari, and have always been in awe of her handlettering + styling work. From food to florals she can make letters out of anything, I swear! I also enjoy following her travel photography, and overall authenticity on social media.

Simon Sinek
I had Simon on my list last year, but the more I dive into his talks and content, the more I get out of it. Lately, I've been listening to his endless talks on Youtube, this one being my favorite. His honest, real description of the millennial generation might be the best one yet. 

Beth Cath
Beth is a photographer and creative director from Minneapolis, MN. I found her work when studying at college in the cities, and have followed along ever since. She recently had brain surgery, and has been reflecting on her creative work/home life balance, and its been inspiring to read and listen to her on this new journey. Not to mention, her work is always phenomenal. 

Elizabeth Gilbert
Liz is the writer behind Eat Pray Love, but more recently for her book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, which is how I discovered her. Her explanation of how ideas might have a life of their own and simple pass from person to person until someone uses the idea, is fascinating. She also has a podcast listed below that I've really enjoyed as people call in, and get help for their specific creative challenge.


Inspiring Projects:

Principal's Commercial Series

UG Monk's Womens Line

Freelance Achievement Stickers

Nespresso USA ad series


Dust and Form

Lodged Out

Tapestry Magazine

The Cleveland Flea

Kimberly Wetzel Paintings

Top Podcasts:

How I Built This

The Squarehead Kids


More Perfect

TED Radio Hour

Design Matters

Magic Lessons

Being Boss Club


Magazines + Books:

Great Discontent

99u Book Series

Big Magic by Liz Gilbert

Design for People: Stories About How (and Why) We All Can Work Together to Make Things Better by Scott Stowell

Rising Strong + Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Kinfolk Magazine


Great Articles + Videos:

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Design In Tech Report

“Approach design as a practice, not as a profession.”

A Brief History of the Pencil

True Grit: How to Build Up Your Resilience

Don’t Just Finish Your Product, Evolve It


Top Quotes:

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