Autumn's Handlettering & Design

Autumn Graham specialized in handlettering, stationary, and design. Her custom water color prints create stunning wedding suites, holiday cards, gifts, and custom prints. These stylist elements will be used on her website, marketing, and social campaigns.

On Valentine's Day, I wanted to create something special that would interact well for all generations on Instagram so I took my favorite breakfast cereal and created a heart that's the epitome of what Valentine's Day stands for.

Bevö Magazine: Fall

Bevö Magazine: Spring

Food + community + creativity is what Bevö is all about. The Spring Issue was to reflect the newness of the season, fun, bright colors, and to bring clarity on each and every recipe from start to finish.

The Fall Issue of Bevö Magazine was to incorporate that true, comfortable, autumn aesthetic that we can smell in the air come fall. From appetizer, to dessert, each dish is displayed as warm and welcoming.



CoSchedule is a local startup that has a global product. They've created a social media editorial calendar that saves you time, keeps you organized, and grows your audience. 

Personal Lifestyle

In my every day life, I've often inspired by a variety of elements: my wedding planning, my new artistic tools, imagery, and the people around me. I'm fascinated by how all these elements can come together in a lovely, organized way that reflects as a whole a new message.

Malachi is a new, modern wood shop that specializes in custom tables, lamps, book shelves, and more. They're drawn to earthly elements, and want to bring that to your home.

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