CoSchedule’s marketing team was looking for an additional way to gain inbound traffic in order to increase product trials sign-ups. To do so, members of the team created an in-depth dictionary of common marketing terms that are highly searchable. They needed a design that would organize the terms for easy skimming while creating a brand that’s visually engaging.


I worked alongside the CoSchedule team to create a brand that’s approachable, warm, and playful. While the content is incredibly thorough and academic, the brand encourages all levels of knowledge to feel welcome and open to the possibility of learning. The brand is also engaging and eye-catching in a way that the audience will naturally share with their friends and colleagues.

The project included a custom typeface, quote banners, and an infographic to promote the new marketing dictionary.

You can take a look at the complete marketing dictionary here:


A custom noodle typeface was created for both the website animation (above) and infographic (below):