Nina Francine


Nina Francine is a portrait wedding photography in the Minneapolis, MN area that needed to take her brand to the next level to show its premium, high-scale quality while also incorporating her love for fine art.


I created an elegant, gold-foiled design that encompasses both her level of skill and the rich, colorful depths in her imagery. Her painting was also featured as the primary texture in her brand to show off all facets of her work. 

Testimonial From Nina

I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my redesign! Ashton spent time listening to what I wanted my logo to feel like, and did extensive research. She also went into detail on why she made the design choices that she did, which impressed me so much.

Rebranding with Ashton really made a HUGE difference in my success booking the higher-end clients that I was hoping to work with. I booked more client this year than I ever have before in my six years of business (and at a a substantially higher price point!)