Ashton Hauff


event planning + creative direction

Need: The Bismarck community is filled with creative makers of all kinds, but without a space for them to connect, grow, and learn from one another. It's easy to feel alone, unconfident in your craft, and discouraged.

Solution: Makewell was designed to fill that gap, and be a space for all makers to come together, hear each other's stories, and challenge each other for the better. We've had two sold-out events in 2017, skilled local vendors, and several inspiring speakers. We've also hosted free monthly events, and have an upcoming maker retreat in December.

I also worked with a team of artists to make this event possible: 
Ben + Rebecca Brick
Lacey Heid
Tyler Huber
J.Morgan Legreid

Photography by Bryan Hempstead Media




creative styling

Need: Every few months CoSchedule creates a product video that captures the numerous benefits of the product, and brings to life how the app can help a variety of teams. For this video in particular, they needed stylized fruit and desk scenes that connected the metaphor concept and fit each team perfectly.

Solution: I worked alongside Threefold to create a stylized product video that featured three unique desk scenes. While we used primary colors to be consistent with the bright, fruit metaphor, we used distinct and unique props that matched the aesthetics of the targeted team. Together, they tell the story of CoSchedule and how the calendar can help you.

Along with new pricing and a new homepage, the video is now featured at


Two other scenes we're initially created as well:


West Acres Mall


For the 2017 holiday campaign, West Acres Mall wanted something that's classy, modern and fun that shows off the variety of products offered for their commercial, digital catalog, blogs, and more. 


I worked alongside Threefold to create a stylized commercial with animated flat lays that featured products for him, her, and the kids. We specifically highlighted products for the athlete and the baker to show off some of their newest stores and trending products.

So, what are you waiting for?
Start shopping today at West Acres!


Styled scenes from the video:

Screenshot 2018-01-19 14.39.19 copy.png

Code Connect


Need: Gustavo San Jose needed a new logo for a local meet up for coders of all roles. He wanted the brand to be reflective of the code they work in every day, but also something that's simple and bold to draw attention.

Solution: I created a logo symbol inspired by the brackets and dashes used within code itself. The symbol is never-ending and connected, symbolizing the mission of creating community, and their unified passion for what they do. 

Learn more about Code Connect here.

Code-Mockup-Dribbble (1).png

Autumn Graham

creative styling

Need: Autumn Graham creates stunning, hand lettered pieces and has become a new business to the local area. She needed imagery that expressed her unique aesthetic as well of her creative story behind the product.

Solution: We displayed her wedding suites in both an elegant and simple way that emphasizes the beauty of her work, while also staying true to the design itself. I captured Autumn in her element within her home where she works to show the process and story behind her designs.


EAT Thai Cafe


EAT Thai grew from a local food truck to a full on store front and so with the big transition, they crafted an expanded menu with appetizers and drinks. While the food is delicious and well-known, the new menu items were completely new to the community, so EAT needed photos of each dish so customers could quickly order and be confident in their selection.


We photographed each dish from the new menu for the printed menu, new online site, and social promotion. Each photograph reflects the bright colors and flavors of EAT’s food, while also displaying all of the ingredients for easy ordering decisions and great customer satisfaction.

See the photos in action on her new site, and while you’re there place an order or two. You won’t regret it!



creative styling + design

Need: CoSchedule is a marketing calendar that helps you plan all of your marketing projects in one place. With an ever-growing audience and a culture of continual fun, they needed a way to bring that experience to their customers.

Solution: I revamped CoSchedule's swag pack with new, custom designs throughout the entire experience of receiving their swag gift. From the packaging and personalized note to the fun items included such as a t-shirt, scoutbook, and print, customers can now feel apart of the CoSchedule culture.

Screenshot 2016-10-28 12.09.13.png

Nina Francine


Need: Nina Francine is a portrait wedding photography in the Minneapolis, MN area that needed to take her brand to the next level to show its premium, high-scale quality while also incorporating her love for fine art.

Solution: I created an elegant, gold-foiled design that encompasses both her level of skill and the rich, colorful depths in her imagery. Her painting was also featured as the primary texture in her brand to show off all facets of her work. 

Testimonial From Nina

I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my redesign! Ashton spent time listening to what I wanted my logo to feel like, and did extensive research. She also went into detail on why she made the design choices that she did, which impressed me so much.

Rebranding with Ashton really made a HUGE difference in my success booking the higher-end clients that I was hoping to work with. I booked more client this year than I ever have before in my six years of business (and at a a substantially higher price point!)


Rachel Lyn Durga


Need: Rachel is a Minneapolis-based body healer who's practice focuses on the restorative and working with the subtle energies of the mind, body, and spirit—rooted in healing tradition of Ayurvedic bodywork. She offers several services and needed a holistic, healing-focused brand to market them.

Solution: I created a brand identity that reflects the wholesome and peaceful nature of her complete, healthy lifestyle with a color system that allows her to individualize her offerings while also staying consistent to her brand story.


Ashton absolutely nailed the mood I was looking to incorporate into building my business. The logo representing mind, body, and spirit as well as their circular intersection is beautifully simplistic and easy to use in marketing. 

Clients and business friends have all said they enjoy the images and colors. Business is always changing, and I've been able to keep up with the well-rounded package of branding tools Ashton created. Definitely recommend!



hand lettering + logo design

Need: Yarn is new production company based out of Fargo, ND that wants to help you succeed in telling your story. Yarn was created out of the idea of 'spinning your story' and thus they needed a logo identity to capture that essence.

Solution: To follow along the theme of yarn, I created a hand lettered logo that is swift and playful in its form, but yet also defined and professional. 


Bevö Magazine

creative styling + direction

Bevö Magazine is group of woman that have a mission to unite food and creativity to create community. Bevö has both a fall digital edition, and a spring printed edition that includes four recipes bring a meal from start to finish to your table at home. 

The focus of the magazine was to be primarily visual with realistic step-by-step visuals to walk you through the recipe for beginner to advanced levels cooks. They're both simple and delicious.


Shannon Wirrenga

creative styling

Need: Shannon Wirrenga is a local fine artist that specializes in oil paintings, calligraphy, and illustrations. She has illustrated for several children's books, hosts a local artist event each year, and has a full gallery of her work. Shannon needed a way to show off her more recent calligraphy prints to those planning a wedding.

Solution: I styled a real-life presentation of her hand lettered prints that encompass the emotion, love, and adventure of her prints, and then created them for a social media campaign.

Screenshot 2016-10-28 12.15.15.png

Compassion Week

branding + event creator

Compassion Week was a new, local event that created the opportunity for free photo sessions from local photographers to anyone who started sponsoring a child through great organizations such as Compassion, World Vision, and more.

The event branding was created to capture the joy and compassion that sponsorships can bring to these kids' lives. Visuals were made both for the photographers to promote, as well as several social campaigns to spread the word. Resource guides and a website were also made to inform, guide, and celebrate everyone who participated.

Special thanks to Carly Loves Amos for providing the imagery for this event.